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We encourage submissions from all undergraduate students, regardless of faculty, program, or specialization. Submissions must be of historical relevance. While original research is preferred, we consider all content submitted to us. We ask that book reviews be limited to books published within the past five years.

Before submitting your work, please be sure to follow our Submissions Checklist:

  • The submission is written by an undergraduate student and has received a minimum grade of 85%

  • Follows Chicago-Style Citations (ideally 17th Edition)

  • Written in 12-point font, double-spaced and no more than 30 pages in length (excluding bibliography)

  • The submission has not been previously published, nor has it been submitted for consideration to another journal

  • The submission is in Word (.doc) format

Submit your papers to us Submissions that do not follow all of our guidelines will not be considered for publication.

Feel free to email us at the above address with any questions. 

If you have sent a submission to the email address prior to the 15th of June, please resend it or wait until formal calls for submissions in September.

Review Process

Submissions to the JHS undergo a three-step review process. All submissions are anonymized before they undergo this process.

  1. Assessment of Arguments. All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the Editorial Board for the strength of their arguments and supporting evidence. Submissions that will be considered for publication move to the next step of our review process. 

  2. Faculty Review. Potential submissions for publication are sent to our Faculty Reviewers, where they are assessed for their accuracy and relevance to their topic field. 

  3. Peer Editing. Submissions are sent back to the Editorial Board with Faculty recommendations. On top of Faculty recommendations, submissions will be undergo a peer editing process. The proposed changes to the submissions are sent back to the author for approval. Editors will be working closely with authors on their work before it is submitted to the Editors-in-Chief for publication. 

Submission Details

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