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Prospective Editors

The Journal of Historical Studies Editorial Board is comprised of undergraduate students at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Our Editors are a significant component to our success as an undergraduate journal of world history.

Editors need not be History majors or minors, but must possess a strong interest in the field and strong writing skills. Previous experience is not required as all Editors will be trained by a member of the History Department. All Editors need to be registered members of the History Students Association (membership may be obtained after hiring). 

Editors are responsible for strengthening the presence of the JHS on campus (and its calls for submissions), and editing and evaluating submissions. Editors are expected to meet tight deadlines and attend all general and committee meetings, and our annual launch party. 

The time commitment for Editors will vary, with a majority of deadlines and work in the second semester. During second semester, Editors can expect to commit up to 10 hours a week at peak deadlines. 

As members of our Editorial Board, Editors will gain experience in writing and editing for an academic journal, and critically evaluating research papers. Editors will additionally gain the opportunity to contribute to UBC’s academic community and be credited for their work in a nationally recognized undergraduate journal. 

Calls for Editors for the 2024-2025 year will take place in September. 

Please email with any questions.

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